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Precision Engineering Research and Development

The Kane Precision Engineering Team constantly upgrade their capabilities and remain at the forefront as technology leaders in the field of CNC milling. Working with prestigious knowledge providers such as the world renowned Queens University of Belfast, Kane’s constantly drive continuous improvements in their manufacturing and service delivery processes.

Recent developments includes a program to rationalize cycle times using state of the art ‘Modal Analysis’ techniques to characterize and optimise machining cycles. Introduction of the latest Unisign CNC machines with spindle speeds to 25,000 RPM and 100KW, Kane’s are exceptionally well equipped to service the needs of modern aerospace component manufacturing.

Unit cost reduction through low cost automation and lean thinking is a working mantra for the company.

Our plans to constantly improve our aerospace technology footprint also includes ongoing research into the future of carbon fibre and associated machining techniques. Our ground breaking machining strategies in this area have been instrumental in supporting one of our leading edge aerospace companies in the fast turnaround of engineering test samples, leading to reduced new product development cycle times.

Ever keen to expand our range of offerings, Kane's have expanded the machine cube sizes to 4.5m*1.0m*0.8m and continue to acquire key knowledge to continue the strategy of vertical and horizontal integration along the value chain.